Monday, 23 April 2007

Networked Design - Flash Site

Over the Easter holidays, I have finalised my concept for the navigation and display of my information. I have developed a flash site which demonstrates my concept, although at this point only displaying half of the information I found.

The idea:

A wave will wash in. It displays a short piece of information and also washes up some 'pebbles'. These 'pebbles' are links to other information, from the information currently displayed.
Once you have selected a pebble, it will appear on the Board at the top, displaying your route.
The leftover pebbles will be cast aside on the Beach, but you can select them at any time. Along with all the links placed on the Board.

I have uploaded the flash file to the link below for testing.



CK said...

Hi Tom, good way of making the interface relevant to your subject. I wouldn't use the "scribbly" font for big chunks of text though for legibility reasons, as headline font it's fine. Cheers, Clive

Roger said...

Hi Tom, nice idea and I think the surfboard interface works. Have to agree with Clive about the typeface, it's a bit difficult to read.

Also, the rollover text appears in the bottom left corner, which I think is too far away from where the cursor is rolling over (the top right).

Apart from that I like the shape it's taking, look forward to seeing the final design. I like the beach sounds, very relaxing.