Sunday, 11 March 2007

Interactive Narrative - Interactive Film Design

My idea for this project is to create an interactive music video. The main body of the film will be a performance video where the user can select different angles to watch throughout. They can also select what they want to listen to. I have built a very simple demonstrator of this idea.
I built it in flash so if you have flash player installed you should be able to use it. So far it is only a demonstrator, so I have only used still images and not included any sounds.
please get in contact if there are any problems.

The four faces at the top are the buttons to select which member you watch. The widescreen symbol, top right, changes the view to widescreen. In this screen there are 4 extra buttons enabling you to mute sound coming from a certain member.

So far I quite like the idea, but I would like to include more narrative. So I am working on a short story based around the events prior to the bands video shoot. This will also be interactive. I am looking in to how much work will be involved in the technical implementation of the video before I decide whether to take on the other part of the film.

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