Thursday, 8 March 2007

Networked Design - Information Structure

Your task for the next week is to develop three concepts for a structure for the information you have collected. In doing this you should consider not just the pieces of information but more importantly the relationships between these.

I began by looking at the examples Musicovery and Thinkmap's Visual Thesaurus.

My first idea is a chronological structure, based on a timeline.My second idea is influenced by the narrative structure of Robert Coover's Babysitter.My third idea is an attempt to relate the structure to the object I have chosen.During this exercise I found it hard to envisage a structure for the information due to the fact that at this stage I can't visualise all the information I have collected. It's now clear I need to finish my research and then map out what I have found. Indicating all the links and if needs be further research to find more links between the information I have found.
So far my favorite idea is the 3rd structure. I need to develop this further after mapping the information, and hopefully come up with a way of linking the information between catergories.

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