Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Interactive Narrative - Storyworld- 7 Deadly Sins

My Alter ego for the seven deadly sins project is A.C or Andrew christopher Edian. My sin is Sloth and his name is based on the latin word for Sloth - Acedia.

His myspace page is

I have been thinking more about how to display all the information. I like the idea of a crime scene investigation surrounding jonathons dissapearance. The installation could be set up to look like a detectives office, with a whiteboard covered in small snippets of information eg pictures, e-mail printouts etc, perhaps linked in someway. Then a computer on a desk, which could be logged in to jonathons myspace page. This would act as an interface so the user can visit all the characters pages. Hopefully the user will then be able to piece all of the information together, and perhaps have their own thoughts on who is quilty and who isn't.

Here is A.C's backstory so far.

Andrew is 30 years old. He is currently unemployed but living off his redundancy pay after his old workplace, blockbuster shut down. He worked there for a few years after finishing University. He got a very low mark for his degree in geography, and has done nothing with it since. He went to university at the age of 23 after a string of jobs and a year out to ‘find himself’ and go travelling. His travelling consisted of staying with friends who had gone to university. Now he drinks a lot, eats badly, doesn’t really care for his personal health and spends most of his time in front of the television playing computer games. When he finds that too energetic he simply just watches.

A.C met Jonathon in his local pub. A.C was having his pre dinner pint, whilst reading a magazine.
Jonathan had had a long hard day in meetings across town and needed a drink before he went home to his fiancée. The pub wasn’t very busy and Jonathon pulled up next A.C at the bar. A.C was reading a film magazine, Jonathon likes to collect DVDs to watch on his giant HD television. After a few drinks, they chatted and discovered they had many common tastes notably in films and real ale.
Jonathan likes a drink and knows that his fiancée isn’t a keen, even less keen on him coming home drunk. So when A.C offered him a place to crash, he gratefully excepted.
Since then Jonathon has stayed at A.C’s once or twice a month. A.C doesn’t mind this, as he knows that Jonathon is well off and likes to repay A.C with food and beer.

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