Sunday, 20 May 2007

Networked Design - Flash Site

I have just uploaded the new version of my Flash site. After the last critique I have made the following changes:

Replaced the key with coloured icons.
Made a Pre-loader.
Changed the font of the body text.


I realised that the surfboard at the top of the interface was slightly confusing. My original design was to have the board always visible, with extra lines appearing to illustrate links between different categories. I think the confusion came from the fact that these lines appeared to show illustrate the path the user had taken, but in fact this often happened by fluke.
So I decided that the board wouldn't appear at the top from the start, instead the user would 'build' the board by exploring the links. So when they had viewed all the information the board would be complete. This also illustrates the path that the user has take and the links between the categories.
To realise the design I used flash and Dreamweaver. The interface, made in Flash, brings in external XML files, which contain the text information, created in Dreamweaver.
I built an ‘engine’ that displays the selected information on the wave, places any links in the oval patch on the sand, moves the chosen link from the sand to the map at the top and the other unselected links to a random place on the beach.
So when a link is selected it simply tells the engine some required information and the engine does the rest.

This probably doesn't make much sense so please try out the site HERE and let me know what you think.

I have left the previous version online so you can see the changes. HERE

All I have left to do is to tidy up the grammar of the XML files.


Penny Grist said...

hi tom, noticed a mistake in text of new version, H. wooden boards...say up tree, should be stay? looks good.

rageagainstthequeen said...
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Roger said...

Another spelling mistake, Boards is spelt incorrectly in the bottom right at one point.

There's lots I like about it, but in terms of constructive criticism, I count three seperate typefaces/fonts uses, which is probably one too many, I think you could drop the serif font.

Secondly, I got a bit confused by icons I could click appearing at the top left and at the bottom, maybe there could be a way of keeping them closer together. Apart from that it's looking great, and captures the idea of surfing and its culture well.

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